31 December 2008

Happy 2009

I would like to wish all the viewers of this blog a happy 2009!!

Wait for 2009, it seems to be a great year to come!
Two Cds already recorded without mentioning the three different instructional lessons I will record in the USA in january.
Angra is making the last decisions to get back together in April.
Therefore, there are lots of thing for the next year.
I hope everyone is full of projects and wishes, because that’s what cheer us up and make life richer.
Kisses and hugs,

23 December 2008

Ronnie Von’s show

December 23th – 09:00 P.M. at Gazeta TV/ Todo seu program, I will be interviewed a side DJ Hum by Ronnie Von

I hope you enjoy! You can’t miss that!

kisses and hugs


15 December 2008

12 hours of choro with no break!

In São Carlos (brazilian city) next sunday , December 21 th.

For me is going to be a big challenge to be among these great brazilian music instrumentists paying a tribute to the biggest choro idol, Jacon do Bandolim.


Attend to the event if you’re able to!


Touring stories III

This one was also released on Guitar Player...

Skating on kerosene? To maintain yourself in equilibrium while at the same time to play perfectly the notes and the audience to see the band in the stage rocking at the most.

Back in Fireworks’s time, which cover is a fire spitter, we had the Idea of hiring some juggler for the openning show.

Imagine the biggest venue in Paris – Lê Zenith, 7000 people, the famous finn group as opening band and Bruce Dickinson – singer for Iron Maiden – at our dressing room ready to be featured on our show.

In the middle of all this part, the great Idea of the fire spitter to get everyone in the mood before we get on the stage.

We forgot that together with the fire , the kerosene would also be spitten and would cover thoe whole scene.

The stage turned out to be a soap, a ring of ice skating.

As well as the volleyball games, we also had our floor cleaners, which during the first songs cleaned all our stupidity glued to our feet.

9 December 2008

Touring stories II

Belo Horizonte (City in Brazil) , pop music festival, huge stadium, pretty famous artists,

Radio anniversary , a crowded audience (over 30 thousands people).

Perfect opportunity for a heavy metal band like Angra to expose its songs and get new fans and fans from different styles Evertyhing was ok until our roadie got drunk with the cans of beer in the dressing-room. Alcohol abuse should be prohibited in stages and shows and not only on the road. The one who we are talking about, got so out of control which turned out to be expelled by the security due to his revealer breath and stump walking. The pass “All areas” was his alibi to keep him around. Everything was ready to our concert. The rest of the roadie team worked A lot and got everything prepared for us to get in the best conditions for the so well expected concert. We just had to wait Jota Quest and Pitty to finish their concerts and go for it. Everyone got despaired when the mentioned roadie, already with the prominent eyes and not having control of his own hands, start to disconnect all the cables of our equipment. In the best of his intentions to help us to finish his obligations.

Who could complain? He was out of things and went to the corner of the stage where the Titãs’ equipment was organized and polished. He pointed, aimed and threw out all the content from the cans already digested by the kidneys ... Late at night in the silence, empty stadium, amplifiers turned off, he was found on the rows of seats. He should be dreaming of a new job....

5 December 2008

Touring stories

“Relembrar é viver” (Something like to remember is living) says the proverb.

A frequently asked question is: “What’s the difference between the brazilian audience and the audience from other countries?”. A foreseeable answer would be that brazilian audience is much more excited and “warm” among a lot of other whistling adectives. When I answer that requestion I always remember of an Angra’s concerts in Manaus (Amazônia) in 99. At the gymnasium of the luxurious Hotel Tropical, by the side of Amazonas river, we were in the first time at the Mavutsinim’s land, indian’s grandfather.
Try to picture that leaving São Paulo’s stages to play in Manaus is almost the same situation of a classical violinist playing at a “trio elétrico” (Typical car in brazil usually used in Carnival). Fans are incredible.The energy exchange between the band and the audience was so intense in this concert that the stage turned out to be a springboard , at the “sauna-gymnasium”, the promoter was the one jumping further and escaping from the security. The securities were in a huge number, wearing scintillant yellow t-shirts, got together in front of the center of the stage in order to avoid the acrobatic show. Due to the end of the “game”, the audience got sad and couldn’t control themselves and spite a lot on the easy yellow targerts, calling them to the fight. The band now as just the soundtrack of the show, looked at the happening, playing strongers and feeding from this savagery. For our surprise , we also saw the low railing ,which in theory stands for avoiding the audience to get closer to the stage , flying at the bottom over impassible heads conviced that this was a real show.