27 May 2007

Hola! (Hello) Today I will go straight to the point apologizing again about the days that I didn’t post...what’s is something really common on this blog and you guys for sure are used to it.Since the return from Russia, a lot of notes has been already played over there.
I will try to send news little by little.Getting out from Moscow,soon after the end of Angra’s european tour,I went straight to Slovenia. I spent one day and a half over there.They have a crazy language full of “j” to make the words more complicated.For example,the capital is called “Ljubljana” and my name is Kjiko Lourejro...That was the first workshop that I did in Europe in March.My luck was that there was a guitarrist at the clinic who was a professional traveller’s guide and therefore in the next morning he took me to know lots of nice places and to learn the typical culture from that region of the Europe.

Another really great detail of this european capital is the tradition with classical music.The first conservatory of Europe was Born there, therefore there is a huge incentive to study classical music in Slovenia.It is amazing when I was walking trought the margin of the river(Photo – I forgot the name and its “j”s) I could hear from each house’s windows some instruments like pianos,trumpet,flute,violin of people who were studying music....

I am looking like a traveller’s guide of CVC (company well know in Brazil), but I think it is really great to have this opportunities to get to know,although quickly, this different cultures, places and curiosities.I end for now sharing with you guys a little...Bejijos! (Kisses)