25 October 2007

Zoom releases - G1K Guitar Effects Pedal Signature

Zoom has just released the G1K Guitar Effects Pedal Signature Kiko Loureiro.The Simulator goes with 40 factory presets especially created by the Guitarist Kiko Loureiro.In the act of purchasing you still receive: a Pick, sticker and a poster Kiko Loureiro. More information on this link.

Kiko’s Blog on the website of the Guitar Player/UOL magazine.

On a partnership between Kiko Loureiro and Guitar Player. The blog of the guitarist Kiko Loureiro now is avaliable in the group of blogs on the Guitar Player website. It was added on the main menu of the website with the link to the blog of the guitarist (Look the picture below).

Issue in the Journal “O Estado de Minas”

Brazil has never had the tradition of exporting rock guitar heroes.From Pepeu Gomes, Edgard Scandurra, Armando Macedo to Frejat paracá, were just a little of bit seen in the national scene.
The bet for this moment to end this marasmus is Kiko Loureiro who was born in Rio de Janeiro and is the guitarrist for the heavy metal band named Angra.

He has been reaching all the world with the band’s concerts and showing to the most different audiences his parallel work, the album Univero Inverso, which mixes Jazz, rock, baião, samba and latin music.The 30 workshops which he did in the last three months in countries such as Italy, France , Thailand , Singapore , Tunisia and Malaysia are a clue of his talent.The two last ones were an invitation from the brazillian embassies.
Besides that, the guitartis was cover on the Guitar Player magazine and had three pages in the american version for this publication.

Click here to download the .PDF file of the complete issue (830 kb – Portuguese).

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Radio Corsário - live

Interview with Kiko Loureiro on October 21th at Radio Corsário live via Imprensa FM 102,5 starting at 22:00 until 24:00.

Presentation of Julio Viseu. The live show can be listened also through the interview on the website http://www.radiocorsario.com.br

The interview also is going to be transmitted on the Tv, on 27/10 at 1:00 a.m. via TV Corsário, channel 09 on NET and channels 72,99 or 186 on TVA, or you also can check out the interview on the website http://www.tvcorsario.com.br/

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