15 March 2008

Hey everyone! One more post from outside Brazil...

Hey everyone! One more post from outside Brazil...

I came back from the USA and I didn’t even have enough time to get habituated to the nauseous polution from SP since I had to the England to do a “masterclass” at ICMP.

Now I am in other music trade show, Frankfurt Messe. I think I am becoming a merchant... I still have for this year São Paulo and Shangai!
Picture something 5 times bigger than Expomusic in São Paulo.
I am here to the releasing and promotion of Zoom G1K to the European dealers.
Actually I think it is really fun these encounters with instrument manufacturers, musicians, friends and fans. Still more there are people from all the countries you can imagine.
I can’t wait to go to Milan (after tomorrow!!!) together with Felipe Andreoli and Mike Terrana to concerts in italian lands.

Sorry , I didn’t take pictures of the fair... after all everything looks the same and I couldn’t find the toilet booth... L
I am also writting to invite everyone in Sao Paulo to give prestige to the book of Silvia Góes. Who is into music is going to find the book very different, innovator and mainly informant .For those who are a musicians, I think it is essential to know this perspective of our relation with music and sounds.

I am a fan of Silvia ! Friend, teacher and great listener! There’s no one like you...
I am going to be there to buy mine.
Hugs and Kisses!