5 December 2008

Touring stories

“Relembrar é viver” (Something like to remember is living) says the proverb.

A frequently asked question is: “What’s the difference between the brazilian audience and the audience from other countries?”. A foreseeable answer would be that brazilian audience is much more excited and “warm” among a lot of other whistling adectives. When I answer that requestion I always remember of an Angra’s concerts in Manaus (Amazônia) in 99. At the gymnasium of the luxurious Hotel Tropical, by the side of Amazonas river, we were in the first time at the Mavutsinim’s land, indian’s grandfather.
Try to picture that leaving São Paulo’s stages to play in Manaus is almost the same situation of a classical violinist playing at a “trio elétrico” (Typical car in brazil usually used in Carnival). Fans are incredible.The energy exchange between the band and the audience was so intense in this concert that the stage turned out to be a springboard , at the “sauna-gymnasium”, the promoter was the one jumping further and escaping from the security. The securities were in a huge number, wearing scintillant yellow t-shirts, got together in front of the center of the stage in order to avoid the acrobatic show. Due to the end of the “game”, the audience got sad and couldn’t control themselves and spite a lot on the easy yellow targerts, calling them to the fight. The band now as just the soundtrack of the show, looked at the happening, playing strongers and feeding from this savagery. For our surprise , we also saw the low railing ,which in theory stands for avoiding the audience to get closer to the stage , flying at the bottom over impassible heads conviced that this was a real show.

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