15 December 2008

Touring stories III

This one was also released on Guitar Player...

Skating on kerosene? To maintain yourself in equilibrium while at the same time to play perfectly the notes and the audience to see the band in the stage rocking at the most.

Back in Fireworks’s time, which cover is a fire spitter, we had the Idea of hiring some juggler for the openning show.

Imagine the biggest venue in Paris – Lê Zenith, 7000 people, the famous finn group as opening band and Bruce Dickinson – singer for Iron Maiden – at our dressing room ready to be featured on our show.

In the middle of all this part, the great Idea of the fire spitter to get everyone in the mood before we get on the stage.

We forgot that together with the fire , the kerosene would also be spitten and would cover thoe whole scene.

The stage turned out to be a soap, a ring of ice skating.

As well as the volleyball games, we also had our floor cleaners, which during the first songs cleaned all our stupidity glued to our feet.

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