15 December 2007

Santo Angelo’s advertisement

This beautiful picture was saved here in my computer and I decided to share with you guys. Do you like it?

I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the Christmas mood that we are going to be through soon, but I got a little excited to write this.

Here I am in our country’s aerial hell itself. In the waiting room, waiting the flight to Boa Vista, hoping to get the connection in Manaus… it is going to be 7 hours if it is ok… added to the detail that I am coming back today…

Hence it follows that there’s nothing more propitious. This picture symbolizes my martyrdom. I spent hours of my life in the in the airports of the world this year. After all in 9 months I did 110 concerts and workshops…
This picture was taken during the session for the new campaign of Santo Ângelo cables. During this whole afternoon the photographer Tatiana Alvez did many pictures of me and the cables. As you can see in the other image, another one much more into a “good behavior” was really used.
In the long run I insisted to do this photo:

Kiko hanged by the Sto.Ângelo cables.Just to show the cables are good…
They can stand my weight… or to symbolize that I use my cables until death…

I think it is cool, but Tatyana got a little scared. After All the cable really “hanged” me. I got a little without air, but all this was worthwhile to give the picture more veracity.
Since Sto.Ângelo is not going to use this picture anymore (I think…) It is a curiosity for your guys : )

Kisses and Hugs!

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