22 December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To my Blog’s friends: I would like to leave my message (better late than never) of happy holidays! It doesn’t matter your religion, because this time of the year is always good to see your family and friends, to buy and receive gifts.
I will spend my last days of the year here in Sao Paulo on the contrary of the most. I am sure it is the best place. Peace and tranquility! Away from check-in lines, from going back to take the belt off because the machine’s whistle, from having lunch one or two cereal bars (!!) cream-cracker biscuits with light grape juice… I want to drive 90 km/h on marginal Tietê at 06:00 pm!
I remember last New Year’s Eve party, looking for some peace; I went to the paradisiacal dunes of Jericoacoara-Ceará. Close to the last midnight of the year, there was me in the middle of a crowd which was more into a Círio de Nazaré’s procession climbing the dunes…a such a loser guy played in the loudest volume in his truck like the “agroboy” from agreste(typical place in Brazil), the tune of Marcelo Priest singing the national hymn. During some hours, with no mercy, the same track echoed through the beach…and if it wasn’t enough this guy used to dub in the “Pablo-qual-é a-musica?”(brazillian show) style on the car hood wrapped in a white sheet.
I got traumatized…. : (
Remember the mistakes and the lucky hits from 2007 to make 2008 even better.
Many accomplishments; happiness and health for everyone.
Hugs and Kisses!


Anonymous said...

hey!!!!happy christmas and happy new year!!I hope all your dreams come true!!!

love you!!!...and I hope you come to colombia soon to "rock por un sueño"
we wait for u!!!
diana from bogota, colombia!!

Anonymous said...

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