30 April 2009


My new album is out! FULLBLAST

New website as well


There you will find all information about the album and recordings.

To order from anywhere:


or write to info@kikoloureiro.com.br



Edith de Viu said...

Thanks Kiko for all the useful information you have posted here I found the answer to all my questions! The new website is beautiful so as to the cover design of the new CD!!!
But what really shocked me was the song Desperado! A piece of refined art simply “Majestic”!!! The more I try to define it, the more I limit its full beauty! Believe me is irresistibly addictive!
I was wondering from where you are getting this awesome songwriting inspiration for your solo projects! Your own inner I guess! Absolutely brilliant song and it takes you to an imaginary world full of very pleasant sensations! I would buy the CD just for that song!
You are working very much Kiko but your fans like me, are enjoying the result of your effort! Admirable talent as always master of the guitar and the fusion rock!
Thank you once again for everything, have a great show tonight, Angra is back!

tjaptjap said...

What can we expect from this new album? is it another metal album or a fusion album?..........it it's a fusion album; I WANT IT !!!!

Anonymous said...

This is your best work yet, Kiko. This is the best music I have ever heard. Absolutely incredible.

Cá said...

You're one of my best!
As a Brazilian, I'm so proud of showing my idols work for everyone.
I just love Brazilians guitarrists not only for their criativity, but for the Brazilian beats, rithym and feelings that you guys put in your music. Specially you and Serj.
People can say whatever they can. For me, you guys'll always reach the top of infinite. Because music is just infinite, right?
I'll get this album for sure!


musicmaniac said...

Such a guitar god, the composition are truly genius. Like cutting edge very much.

Cá said...

Ok, I got it. Bought both CDs today @ Die Hard.
Fullblast is just awsome! "Pura Vida" really does justice the title. Is so full of life, hapiness, hope. I already heard it like 10 times. It's my favorite only by now. By first listening...
"Mundo Verde" has a real brazilian style, that might drive the foreigners crazy!

Neural Code is more brazilian than I thought.
Full of guitar / bass / drums difficult techniques... Wow! It's kinda hard to me to understand everything even studying music.
I saw Thiago do Espirito Santo playing at my school once, but never could imagine that he was going to play with you in the future. And listening to the songs today, I realized that you guys are so unpredictable that we can expect everything!

Looking back at your previous post here, I saw your Young Guitar cover.
I study bass guitar, but when I was living in Japan, I used to buy Young Guitar every month. It's the best guitar magazine I ever saw.
You are very dear up there, aren't you? Whenever I used to go there and said I'm brazilian, the guys just went crazy. Like: "Kiko RUREIRO!!" "BURAJIRU"... Pretty fun! Very nice people! I love this culture mess!

Anyway, congratulation for the CDs! The songs are really great!

Keep rocking!

P.S.: I'm brazilian, and yes, I could write on your portuguese blog, but the comments there annoys me. Girls screaming "I love you" "Marrie me" "I love Angra but I hate Supultura" "Kiss kiss kiss" "Do you remember me?"...
Blargh... this is not for me.
I don't love you. I don't even know you.
I know your songs, like them very very much, and admire you as a musician. That's it!
I write here, because I think people who visit this side of your blog are people who doesn't think your are good looking, have a beatiful hair or want to hook up. They're here because of music.
Sorry for the wreak!

Be good.


aypee04 said...
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http://musicparadox.blogspot.com/ said...

what can i expect with this new album... i'm a big fan of rock and fusion music. it's pretty obvious why my blog is mostly about rock guitarists and other stuf.... do you have any samples?

Edith de Viu said...

THANK YOU KIKO!!! Your show in Buenos Aires last night was one of the most exciting I saw in my life. Not only because to me, you are the best guitar player of all times but also because you are the most charming, kind, friendly, funny, and cool guy I ever met, a complete and talented musician in all senses but at the same time with a heart full of humility, that shows in fact your huge greatness! Thanks for start the show with the beautiful songs Desperado, Headstrong and Corrosive Voices!!!! Maybe one of the most touching moments was when you played the acoustic version of Feijao de Corda!!! the atmosphere at the theatre was sublime, the virtuoso master, his guitar, his music and a complete silence to enjoy his brilliant performance. I could hear behind me some guys saying “how can he play like that” I was in the front row feeling the powerful sound of you guitar and filling my veins with tons of adrenaline!!! All was perfect, at the right moment and the right place! Unforgettable enchanting experience I’ll treasure inside my heart forever!
But you also have time to surprise me and the whole audience even more during your "talking" to the public, your feedback was amazing!!! Answering all the questions, joking, being just you “the genius” but showing your human side, all the beauty of your personality! And I admired you more than ever for that!
Can’t find the words to express my deep gratitude for everything, the autographs, the photos, your warm smile although you look very tired, maybe as you used to say using your automatic pilot Mode Zombie-Max On!!!
Finally ended my day falling asleep listening the awesome Neural Code (excellent album), what else can I ask!!! THAT NIGHT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!!! SO, THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS FOR EVERYTHING DEAR KIKO!!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Kiko you are an absolute beast. What is this about an instructional video soon to be released? Has it been released already? I am extremely interested, seeing as how the video is coming from the guitar wizard himself. Your playing has been a true inspiration to me and is worlds above what everyone else is doing with guitar right now.

chickenoncheese said...

I know you hear this a lot from people all over the world who loves your music but im going to say it anyways .... Kiko your the man