25 August 2008

Several News

Hey Folks... there are so many things going on my life which I don’t even how to start talking about then. I’ll try to reduce some cool ones... In June , Young Guitar – Japan gave the opportunity to do an interview and photo session together with George Lynch. In some previous post I wrote about him. When I was a teenager I used to study his playing a lot in order to emulate him and finally we did this interview as well as we played together at GIT Hollywood. What a pity the chat is written in japanese, because I don’t remember what we talked about in that day anymore, but it was a fun meeting. In the article there are some awesome pictures we took at a studio in january located near to a “Skid Row” in Hollywood.

The tour with Angra and Nightwish in Japan built a huge respesct between the bands. Edu invited Empu to record the guitars for the Almah’s cd and last year it was Tarja’s turn to invite to record the acoustic guitar os her debut, “My Winter Storm”.

For me it was a great experience because, different if compared to the other ones with electric guitar and improvised solos, she asked me to bring a little of Angra’s sonority with nylon acoustic guitar and classical excerpts.
The result got a great response and I was invited to play with her on the concerts. Besides of her being a great Singer, the band features awesome musicians such as my friend Mike Terrana, Doug Wimbish (Living Colour) , Max Lilja (Apocalíptica) and Maria Ilmoniemi.

Now we are in the middle of brazilian the tour. Yesterday we did SP and I have just gotten out from the Curitiba’s concert. We went to México and Columbia. After I am going to talk about the details and to post some photos. We have already been through touching moment like the City of Mexico concert or the airplane’s turbine getting some problems in the middle of the flight.... many stories for many posts...
By the way, On the next Guitar Player, I am going to do the premier of “Blog of Kiko” on the column sessions and I will mention the details of this tour as well as technique and professional tips.

Check out this interview for an american site of guitar.http://www.guitar9.com/interview127.html

You also can check out an interview for MTV Brazil website:

Another good news! Ana australian radio voted Universo Inverso for the top 10 Latin fusion álbums of the year. Check it out: http://fiestajazz.com/CDReview.html
Before I forget.... my new instructional vídeos are avaliable. Who is interested on buying them send an e-mail to roberto@kikoloureiro.com.br or look for it in any music shop...


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