13 August 2008

Interview with Joe Satriani

To be sponsored by the best strings company brings me a lot of great moments. First of all the high quality of the product, the friends I got through the years and also for different and unusual moment like the one I am going to talk about on this post.

Musical-Express, Dealer for D’addario set up a date between the two endorsees of the brand.

The idea was about creating a chat between Satriani and me, to talk about the strings and other subjects, with no script, free to go where my curiosity could take me.

Of course this opportunity was unique for me, because I always respect and I’ll always respect who influenced me. I remember as it was today, twenty years ago, myself trying to understand how it was possible to get those tones wich Satch easily got on “Surfing with the Alien”.

At São Paulo’s aftenoon concert, we had the opportunity to talk to Joe where I could decipher some of my curiosities .I think it turned out to be pretty cool.

Satriani talked about a lot of interesting subjects.

The strange thing is that he mentioned that he doesn’t think guitar is comfortable, talked about his will of having signature strings, showed us his philosophic side about death, talked about his sources of his drawer side, besides other things in just some minutes.
Have fun...



PS: Even having a huge respect for one of my “musical fathers”, let’s admit that the two person on the picture look like Kiko and Chaves (Mexican series, well-known in Brazil)... It’s just missing my colorful hat...

Hugs from Mexico.

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