8 February 2007

Today we played a concert in Hiroshima.In the morning I went to the “bomb museum”.Sad and impressive.The guys went there yesterday,but I had a clinic to do at Hiroshima’s MI-GIT , I had to go alone today before going to the concert house.

Yesterday after the work I went to a restaurant with the illustrious company of Paul Gilbert. I learned so much listening to Racer X and Mr.big, and it was a honour to be with him and to spend the night talking about music, career, trip histories etc etc...

The restaurant was specialized in Fugu (Remember to pronounce “fu” as you were blowing something). It was a desire of Paul Gilbert, who insist on to eat Fugu. At the restaurant I found out that Fugu is our famous Baiacu. Many people is afraid to eat this,because it’s poisonous.If the restaurant is not reliable you get out straight to the hospital.I think this restaurant was only of baiacu.I was present to the biggest gastronomic orgy about the poor baiacus.I ate sashimi,fried baiacu,cooked on the bubbling water of pan which everyone puts the little wood used to eat japanese food (hachi!).Until the sack came along with baiacu fin.Sack flavour fish!The only thing missing here was a dessert of baiacu ice cream...but we asked for a candy of green tea.

Here in Japan is like this.The culinary variants are : fish, miojo , rice and green tea.

There’s no way to escape from these four things.

Attached my picture with Paul with his 1,94 centimeters of height in the restaurant otsukarechan! Kiko Rurero san saying goodbye for tomorrow to go to the seven degrees below zero of Sapporo.

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