6 February 2007

Ohaioo gozaimatsu!Ogenki desu ka? Kakui des!

I am just stopping by to say “hello” to you guys from Japan!

Today here in Nagoya we took a picture with the whole people on the tour.Angra, Blind Guardian and the two crews.

The “problem” with the guardians is that they have too many bald guys... On the picture is missing one and the bass player is wearing a cap.There are actually 4 bald guys... On the first days we used to get confuse to recognize who is who...It’s enough the audience who is always full of similar persons.Notice that aside Aquiles there is a guy who looks like Harry Potter in his fourties and Havengar wanting to show aside Marquinhos.The first person is Peter who has already worked with us on Rebirth European tour,the other person is Blind Guardian’s Technical crew , he has a lot of experience due to work with Saxon since the 80’s.

I don’t have to tell you guys a lot, because Angra’s site is really well-updated with photos and news from the tour.

Kisses and Huges with japanese eyes!

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