23 November 2006

I Know that this news is a little old,but I have just recevied the magazine in hands so I decided to write about this cover.The magazine is called Burrn!It is one of the most important rock magazines of the world.Angra had a cover in 96 on the “Holy Land’ times.I and Andr√© on the cover.It was a mark for the band.Now, ten years after (realize how difficult is to be on this magazine...) here I am again,with a metal icone:Dave Mustaine.I had already posted my picture with him, but I couldn’t say that it was to the cover of this magazine.The pictures were taken a day before Loud Park Festival.At 11 am I went to the hotel where Megadeth was received as a guest.They put all the photo equipment in an event room.Everyone was waiting apprehensive for Dave,because he is famous for being a little temperamental.But against what everyone was “wondering”, he arrived with “happy boy” mood.Wet hair,black clothes and no rock stuff...His image build by himself is enough.Quickly we took the shoes off (To not stain the floor of photographic background) and we started taking the pictures.He joked because on his hose was writting “red head”.He said that the reason for that was to he doesn’t forget that he was one “red head”... The japanese guys with all the delicacy asked him to dry his hair... because it was about taking a picture for a cover.I think that for him it was just one among so many.Then he came back with his familiar face...

We took lots of pictures or as bad guys and smilling.On the cover we are serious,but inside there’s a picture of us smilling.After I am gonna scan to put on the website.

We talked about Dogs and I explained him about the mixing of Brazillian Filas.He is a big fan of dogs, as I am.I had brought a berimbaru to give to the magazine picks out by lot and he already started talking about capoeira, slave’s fight,and about our famous jiu-jitsu carioca (From Rio de Janeiro).That’s the reason for I say that the guy is the contrary of the people say about him.
That’s it...just to share a moment that for me was really special.

Don’t forget on 18th December I am gonna play at Souza Lima for free with the Universo Inverso guys.

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