17 November 2006

The day before Via Funchal Concert, I found a little time to not leave this Blog too abandoned.
Yesterday I went bed late to watch Jô Soares...

To me is really cool to be there.I have a huge respect for all the production of the show, and now I can realize that they really like my work.During a Year, I was there two times.To introduce No Gravity and now Universo Inverso.We know how many artists and bands would like to be there...Worth the work of Alê Fernandes who also does my adviser.

Wait because I must participate of more shows soon.

You guys can imagine that with all Angra’s stuff I got some time to rehearse with Yaniel, Carlinhos and Alex.Alex knew the songs just one day before the concert.We rehearsed for 40 minutes and only this.For me it’s very good to play a side this level musicians.

At the end I get happy when I can make these things come true, because I always go trough a lot of stress untill them happen.

The pictures I have sent to the website too.This is one is not an unpublished picture as the ones of the previous posts.Taking a look at the picture we can notice that this is the moment when we have a rest to play the bridge of the song “Feijão de Corda.

I think I was a really serious on this post... but it’s ok... kisses and huges

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