20 February 2009

NAMM 2009 Pictures

Some pictures from NAMM 2009

This month edition of Guitar Player is going to feature an issue of details

Of this event.

After I’ll post it.

You can find different ones on my myspace page...

From left to right on the third picture.

Tim King-Soil
Ritchie Kotzen
JD Servio ( BLack Label Society)
Me : )
Victor Wooten
Eddie Jackson-Queensryche
Mike Stone ex-Queensryche




Tyler Beaton said...

How was NAMM Mr. Loureiro?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiko,
how are you? It´s a very nice blog here! I didn´t know about it and I really enjoyed both reading your posts and looking at pics. As I saw the NAMM pics, you should think about playing and creating some great music with Victor Wooten and record it...In my opinion,you´d be the best guitar@bass ever!!! Anyway, you´re the best and both Angra and solo work are absolutely awesome! I hope to see you here in Czech Republic soon..Keep rockin´.;)
Radim, CR

Luciana MN said...

It was very nice......I guess!............feel my english..hauhuahuahuahuahauhuahahauhahuauahauhauh

Carmela said...

Hello from Venezuela! I hope you visit my country soon.

This is a really nice blog, but not as nice as you are jejejejeje.

I Enjoy a lot listening you playing, I love what you do.

Take care.

Kisses & <3

Carmela :)

Loureiro's fan said...

Hello Master Loureiro, nice blog,I'm a big fan of you.All the best.

Anonymous said...

Ola Kiko,

You are a phenomenal guitarist in all ways, full of passion, feeling, heart & soul!
Just discovered you for the first time last night when my friend sent a youtube video link with an instructional video. I was blown away.
I wish that I would have known about you last year when I was @ Namm.
This year is the first time in years that I won't be there and am very sorry and bummed to miss hearing you play live. :(
Obrigada for your music! It makes the world a better place.

~ C