15 May 2008

I remember the day I went to matriculate me at IG&T as it had happened today. New school, Modern, in the brand new year of 1987. I had a dream... I wanted to play the guitar, the best way possible – So I decided to take the test to check my level as soon as I could.

I was just 15 years old, and I got in my hands the dream guitar and last generation pedal effect which I wasn’t aware if it was avaliable in Brazil to record my test. Managing the small studio and those uncountrable buttons no one else than Wander Taffo. Famous guitar player, soap opera’s songs idol, virtuoso, experient, gentle and polite. He smiled , wished me good luck and pressed the REC button.
In the best place of my mind, that place where we keep the best moments which we don’t want to forget anymore, that place which is not in the brain, but inside the heart, the memory of this test day.

I can say that this was the moment which speeded up my desire to play the guitar. I started looking for the perfect alternate picking which only Wander had, in his Steve morse’s country songs style which he used to compose and so many exercises which I have been practicing and teaching since this moment.

After I grew up... but during all these years, Wander Taffo’s image kept and will always keep as a Master. For those who didn’t know him, try to picture a lovable guy, funny, lewd, funny story teller and everyone’s friend. When it comes to him everything was really serious and had always been “Larar√≠”...

He transmitted with warm veracity which he loved all of us guitar players .He treated us as sons, willing the best for everyone. He always had his sayings, experiences and teachings to share. Wander was with no doubt a big example. He created the brotherhood sensation, fraternity,friendship and not competiveness between all of us brazilian guitar players.
Rest In Peace


Anonymous said...

You really respect him.
That's impressive...

Anonymous said...

please come to New Zealand with Angra? pretty please!

Risa said...

It's sad to lose some kind of "teacher" in your life.But you're great,you created your own music style. And I thing Wander Taffo would glad to see the little boy now made his dream come ture.
But I hope you could take some rest,it seem you're so tired.

Hugs ^___^ v

Anonymous said...

I too respect anyone who helped get you where you are now, your music is amazing!

and happy birthday!

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Por que nao:)