8 February 2008

NAMM SHOW 2008 - Part II

Hey Everyone
This is a video edited by the people from the booth which I played in NAAM-2008. It is a sequence of images showing you guys more of what happened during all the 4 days of event. Just to you see a little more of this big event.
I hope you guys enjoy!
Hugs and Kisses

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Rigel said...

Hey Kiko!

It is great to have you writting in english too... I'm learning portuguese, and even though I'm a spanish speaker, it's really helpfull to read both versions of your posts, not to mention your fabulous sense of humour...

You know Kiko, I'm very interested in the G1K, but I have a slight problem with the CPF. I don't have it! So, I could do with some help in this one, and was wondering ... maybe you know where in the US is it possible to buy the G1K? Any online shop got it?

Thank you and all the best,

PS: I really really really really love Brasil!