1 February 2008

NAMM 2008

Hey everyone, what’s up? I am writting this from the land of Uncle Bush. Last week I could visit the most famous music tradeshow named NAMM. I came here for the releasing of ZOOM’S G1K. I played in their booth and I took part on a signing session which featured several artists. There were tons of musicians there such as Black Label Society, Queensryche, Anthrax, Stuart Hamm, George Lynch, Lamb of God among others.

It is impossible to see this in the picture, because the table was too long and there were different musicians each single day. I also went to Maverick’s Booth to try and to show their new amplifiers which they have been exporting recently.

Today I did a long interview and a photo session with George Lynch for the next cover of Young Guitar. As soon as it is out I will show you guys. I have always been his fan, because I think he has an unique guitar sound and playing.
This week I am going to play and to teach at GIT. I always dreamt to study there when I was a teenager. Years gone by, now we’ll see if I convince them as a Brazilian teacher. Then if I don’t get this well done I will give this picture award as a gift…inspirer… great hug!


Alvren said...

Hm? For some reason the comments here are not that numerous... (well yeah it is clear enough why)
But I find it weird - I didn't know there was an English version to your blog. And I have Japanese friends (who can probably read English) who complained that they wish they could read your blog. Well, some notice to be sent.
Anyways, great blog! My favourites are your CVC posts ;) I'm off for a year in Taiwan in some days and reading about your experience with asian food did me no good. Haha!
Actually, too bad I'm going there so soon after you've just been there too. I'll miss seeing Angra while I'm there... In the meanwhile, it's a good chance to show my favourite music around, too - after all, Angra (and your solo stuff) is definitely exemplary of good Brazilian music.
...and it does, yes, feel weird to comment in English while there's the Portuguese version :p think I'll need to get used to missing my dear language.
Best regards!

Mark said...


I've only recently known about your music (how did I manage to miss that one for so long?!?!) and have instantly become a fan of yours. I'm glad to see you also are open to fans by having a blog, for which I contratulate you and thank you.

I came to know you probably the wrong way round since I first heard your solo productions even before I heard anything from Angra. I personally prefer the original style of your own compositions that, for me, bring guitar playing to a brand new field. Your techinques are both surprising, excellently executed and a pleasure to hear.

From all us fans out there, please, keep innovating and publish more!!