29 September 2007

Kiko Loureiro special on Guitar Player magazine

The Ten Commandments of Kiko Loureiro

1) Devotion e perseverance
2) Open your mind:To want to learn more; musical greed
3) To love music: to breath and to live music
4) To be methodic and to organize time to study
5) To study with the metronome in different settings
6) To study harmony.
7) To know at the least the basic of musical reading
8) To have a good vocabulary of techniques
9) Always to look for musicality
10) To play with different people and to be ready for different musical styles
Technique, feeling and speed are some ingredients which made Kiko Loureiro to be admired in Brazil and out of Brazil, and he has been in a hurry for the last months. Angra celebrated 15 years of history with the album Aurora Consurges and went on tour.At the same time, Kiko Loureiro has done workshops and has published his second solo album.In some spare time Kiko Loureiro talked to Guitar Player.In the following lines, he talks about different times of his musical formation and give some precious tips for those who wants to
improve their guitar playing.

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