25 June 2007

Event XL Generation- D’Addario

Getting out a little from my virtual traveller guide’s histories I am gonna tell a little about the event which happened on last tuesday june 19th at Mix Auditorium.

An encounter of guitarists with different backgrounds and styles to homage songs which became history via this dearappendix of wood with 6 strings (XL 0,10 by preference...).

A Nice Idea developed by the marketing of D’addario/ Musical-Express , which let the viewers from its website to vote for the most significant songs and from this we got the “set list” of the night which would be played by the endorsses of the company,Samuel Rosa,Michel Leme and the inttermitent blogger that writes for you.

It was a Nice surprise to see Michel playing rock, because who knows about him also know that he is the headbangermost jazzy who exists.His Gibson 175 is only appearance...Enviable the instrumental version of Living Colour, who didn’t go missed it.

To get to know Samuel and to play with him was also a gift. He sang, played solos and some improvisation and he showed himself as a big expert in rock/blues when he start playing some songs for the final jam.

For me the funniest moment was to see the surprise in the eyes of the audience when I started singing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.After all this is the most representative song from the 90’s.Who can deny that this song made ridiculous all the guitar-heroes and virtuosos of feather broom hair and cowboy boots from the end of the 80’s.After Kurt, the messiah of the out of tuned Jaguar, just Vai and Satriani stayed on the stardom... not even him stayed...

Who wants to check out :

Something needs to be clear here: I have never been a Nirvana fan and even tried to unlearn how to play the guitar with the precussor of emos, but the joke was cool!

Some pictures for those who missed the event!


Kiko Loureiro

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